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Fehling Handlebar MSP Zbar | 800mm | black | ø25,4mm (1")

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This Fehling universal MSP Z-bar handlebar is of high quality. This handlebar changes the position relative to the motorcycle's original handlebars. This can create more comfort and/or a nicer appearance of the vehicle.

- Per piece
- Has holes for cables and wiring
- Handlebar diameter ø25.4mm (1")
- TÜV approved

Please read the information below carefully to avoid incorrect orders.


Dimensions with handlebars in vertical position:

A 800mm Total width
B 70mm Height to start of turn
C 110mm Depth to rear (towards rider)
D 40mm Height to end of grip
E 265mm Dimension between corner
F 190mm Inner dimension top


Dimensions with handlebars in mounted position:

- Height
- Depth to rear (towards rider)


Other dimensions:

- Maximum handle length
- Maximum clamp width
120mm/60mm Width of clamp grip (outside/inside)


Take into account:
- The length of the cables and pipes. It is sometimes necessary to extend or relocate it.

- The fairing or fuel tank that can get in the way when turning in.
- Measure the diameter (thickness) of the handlebar carefully. Common sizes are 22.2mm, 25.4mm and 31.8mm.

Tip for choosing the right handlebar:
Sit on the motorcycle in the correct position and have someone use a tape measure to simulate the width. Once the correct width, hold fists at equal width and then measure the depth of the handlebars. There is then a good idea of ​​what the sitting position will be like after replacing a handlebar.


Width (mm) 800
Diameter Handlebar tube (ø) ø25,4mm (1")
Unit Piece
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Color Black
Material Steel
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  • Shipped same working day
  • 14 days reflection period
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