intAct Bike-Power SLA
Capped AGM (electrolyte bonded in glass fibre fleece), filled and charged, absolutely maintenance-free

Width x depth x height = 126 x 166 x 175 mm
Cold start current: 360 A (DIN)

Holds out the charging cycles in seasonal use and many short trips slightly better than common wet batteries and starts reliably even if it is not fully charged.

- High power reserve. Even partially discharged still high starting power.
- Vibration resistant. The plates are firmly embedded in the glass fibre fleece.
- Absolutely maintenance-free. Sealed block battery with gas recombination, where refilling is not possible and not necessary.
- Leak proof. The battery can also be installed in inclined position, because the electrolyte is bound in the fleece and the battery is sealed.
- Filled and Loaded. Ready for immediate use.

INFORMATION - about treatment and care of their battery

A battery is only an energy store and any energy taken must be immediately supplied to 100% again by the generator of the vehicle or externally by a charger, if the energy balance by short-time uses or by generally few use times with longer stand phases rather negatively precipitates.

To ensure a long service life of the battery, you should observe the following:
- Use of the battery only for its intended purpose (starter batteries for starting and operating a vehicle with an internal combustion engine).
- The surface of the battery must be kept clean and dry, no oils or liquids must be deposited on it to avoid the formation of leakage currents that can cause significant self-discharge.
- Check battery level, if possible, at least every 6 months and top up with purified water if necessary (do not top up accumulator acid).
- In case of high water loss, please have the function of the charge controller checked by a specialist. With optimal installation location and normal requirements, your battery will use little to no water, but these factors vary greatly depending on use.

If your vehicle tends to have a negative energy balance due to its use (short journeys - longer periods of standing - high comfort equipment - start-stop operation), the battery charge level should be checked at the necessary intervals (2 - 3 months).

In order to always have sufficient starting safety and to avoid damaging the battery, it should always be charged to at least 75%. This can be determined with the open-circuit voltage or with an acid lifter.
Resting voltage:
12.51 V - 12.57 V = 75% charged
12.69 V - 12.75 V = 100% charged

Acid density:
1.25 kg/l = 75% charged
1.28 kg/l = 100% charged

This is the minimum charge level the battery should have, even if you still work with less, but this is always on the account of durability.

Optimal would be 100% charge - for 100% benefit!

Since today's generation of vehicles places a significantly higher electrical demand on the battery, (due to your extensive comfort and electronic equipment) it can quickly come to a negative energy balance even with newer vehicles. When the amount of energy generated is mostly required by the on-board network and the remaining amount is not sufficient to fully charge the battery.

For vehicles that are only used seasonally (convertibles, motorcycles, tractors, harvesting vehicles, construction machinery and construction vehicles), the same must be observed for the battery with regard to charging as described above.

Check the charge (open circuit voltage) of your battery at least every 2 months and recharge if necessary. Every battery is subject to a self-discharge due to the constantly running chemical process, which inevitably leads to a deep discharge of your battery if this is not compensated by charging. If this is still connected to the vehicle, the discharge may be even faster, as the vehicle may also be consuming standby current. It is best to disconnect the battery.

Deep discharge is not a warranty but always self-inflicted and usually associated with the total failure of the battery.

The ideal temperature to store a battery over a standing period is 10 - 15 degrees. Higher temperatures accelerate self-discharge and loss of water.

Eternal life has the battery nevertheless not - the capacity is used up at some point.
Always full charge + normal load = slow capacity degradation.
Insufficient charge + high load = rapid degradation of capacity.


Breedte (mm) 126
Diepte (mm) 166
Hoogte (mm) 175
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