Fabrikant: ElectroSport Referentie: 270-306

ElectroSport Stator ESG306 (voor dynamo)

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Stator ESG 306 for CAN AM Outlander

500 EFI STD/XT/MAX (2013)
4x4 500 EFI XT/CVT (2014)
4x4 500 MAX EFI (2015)
650 EFI STD (2012)
500 EFI STD/XT/MAX (2013)
4x4 500 EFI XT/CVT (2014)
4x4 500 MAX EFI (2015)
650 EFI STD (2012)
650 EFI STD (2013)
4x4 650 EFI STD (2014)
4x4/6x6 650 STD (2015)
800R EFI XT/LTD/MAX (2012)
800R EFI XT/LTD/MAX (2013)
4x4 800R EFI XT/MAX/CVT (2014)
4x4 800R EFI/MAX (2015)
XT 850 EFI/MAX (2016)
1000 EFI XT/LTD/XMR/MAX (2012)
1000 EFI XT/LTD/XMR/MAX (2013)
4x4 1000 EFI XT/LTD/XMR/MAX (2014)
1000R 4x4/6x6 EFI XT/LTD/XMR/MAX/PRO (2016)

Replacement for original part
The stator is a very cost effective, High quality replacement for a defective or damaged OE stator. ElectroSport has been supplying electrical components for road motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATVs since 1998. Since ElectroSport has been in this business for so long, the manufacturer has gained enormous experience with stator, controller and CDI products. The experience and extensive product knowledge are reflected in ElectroSport's sophisticated spare parts and make the new controller the first choice to control the battery circuit of your vehicle.

A: Outer diameter: 114,5 mm
B: Inner diameter: 41,7 mm
C: Iron core thickness: 25,5 mm
D: Coil thickness: 32 mm

Scope of supply: 1 piece

Technically modified stators are excluded from exchange!
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